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Well i'm a strong, young, beautiful, sucessful black woman who is just tapping in to what she is able to achive in life. i LOVE love and everything that it comes with. I am loud and at times rude. I am confident and believe i have a responsibility to those close to me to make their expiriance with me to be the best ever and leave them wanting more. I believe in making lasting memories, wheather it be good or end in something bad - they all serve to shap my future and out looks on things.
I am dynamic and 3-dimentional. Iam sexy and hott. Iam free and i am under control. All of this in one word:


I am human...

I am human...
...according to me...

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johannesburg, gauteng, South Africa
i am a fun loving, almost 25 year old who is tring to pin down this thing called life (but with some bad luck it keeps escaping me - the good stuff in life i mean). i laugh loud and cry hard. i love food and enjoy talking. i love meeting new people and hanging out. just started working so even that is something i'm tring to get used to.
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  • giving him something he can feel - En Voug
  • diggin' on you - TLC
  • Me, Myself and I - Tamia
  • Smile - Tamia
  • Let it flow - Tony Braxton
  • Sexual healing
  • Cater to you - Destiny's child


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BLOGGER has left this Blog

Dear followers...

with the changing of age and the tiny revamps that we seem to always get wrapped up in, i have started a new blog. Confessions of a girl on top - its called.

this i think is a better representation of me and i would love you all to follow me over to this new one too. love to hear your comments!

thanks for the love so far!